Monday, January 21, 2008

Butt Hairs

You know that feeling you get
when you purchase a new pair of sweats?
They’re fresh and they’re clean…
You know what I mean…
the fluff inside soft as a pet?

I got a new pair just today,
And wore them the old fashioned way,
Without a care,
I eschewed underwear, and
Sported the sweatpants all day.

The urge later came to drop trou,
(I've caught some of you smiling by now,)
I got ready to sit,
And man, holy spit,
The pants had fused right to my…owwww.

The hairs there were matted so tight,
My anus struggled to fight,
I took a deep breath,
prepared for my death,
and yanked down with all of my might.

I’ve decided its definite sin
to rip butt hair from one’s very skin
The anus might fight
When you pull with your might
But the sweats , in the end, always win.

Copyright © 2008 Querus Abuttu

1 comment:

Gina Greenway said...

This should come with a warning to not be drinking coffee while read. I snorted it out my nose.